Straw Hat Studios can help provide live and studio sound engineers for your projects. Be it our own engineers or others we have worked with we will connect you with the right individual to help make your project a success.​​

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Studio Engineer

The same engineers who work in our studios to mix and master your completed recording project can be available to come to you to complete your project in the studio of your choice.  Depending on the resources of the studio these same engineers can work directly with you to mix your finished project.  If you choose, the engineer can also bring your recordings back to our studios to master them. 

Live Sound Engineer

Straw Hat Studios also have engineers experienced with live sound for small to medium sized stages and venues both indoor and outdoor.  Depending on the venue Straw Hat's engineers may be able to provide PA equipment, mics, stands, speakers and even some backline equipment.  The same engineers can be used to run equipment you provide. 

Mixing and Mastering