Mixing and Mastering‚Äč

The term "Producer" has become more ambiguous over the years in relation to sound recording.  Who fills the roll and what they do varies from project to project and sometimes even within a project where there may be multiple "Producers" each working on only one or two songs. 

In broad terms a Producer is like a Project Manager taking the load off the Artist so they can create.  As an artist, having someone else take on the details and guide the recording process can free you to focus on the creative process.

Producers can arrange studio time, get the musicians and artists in the studio and ensure everything is ready to begin the creative process. Producers also act as a coach to elicit the best performance from the musicians and artists. 

Though not always the case, Producers are themselves frequently musicians, songwriters and artists .  Many are sound engineers.  That means not only can they manage the work of recording they may contribute to the recording itself.

Producing Service

Straw Hat Studios can provide a producer to work with you on your project either from our own staff or through our network of clients, partners and contacts.

Contact us for more information on this service.