We also ask you to provide us with a reference track such as an artist you sound like or a mix you have already completed to compare to.

We will complete first pass sample mixes of a couple of your recordings and provide to you for your feedback.  Once we are in agreement we will move forward and complete the mixes for all of the recordings in the project.

STEM Mixing

Stems are groupings of instruments, vocals or other sounds with one stereo WAV file per group.  For instance, a drum kit may have been recorded using several microphones, each with their own track.  Those tracks are then mixed as a group and output to a stereo WAV file to produce a single stereo track for drums.  Similarly, other rhythm instruments such as guitar, bass and keyboards may be mixed to a group.  Wind and string instruments may also be mixed to a group.

The Stems you provide should have any effects you desire already applied to the final group mix such as EQ, compression, delay/reverb.  All of the Stems when played as a group should then represent your final mix to ensure you get the sound of the performance you want in the finished product.

Providing us with Stems gives us the ability to create additional Masters beyond the Gold Master such as Backing Tracks and Broadcast Ready masters.  See the Mastering page on this site for more information on these options.


Full Mixing

For Full Mixing you provide us with the raw recorded tracks in WAV file format with one file for each instrument, vocal or other sounds.

Mixing and Mastering