Mixing and Mastering‚Äč


Perhaps you need additional songs to complete your album or have songs you would like to place with others, or are looking to collaborate with other writers.  Straw Hat Studios has songwriters on staff and a catalog of songs at your disposal.  Our staff can also provide song evaluations and feedback.

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Looking for someone to bounce ideas off of?  Have the music, the melody, maybe even the "hook" but need more lyrics? Are you a lyricist looking for someone to work with to write the music.  Straw Hat Studios can help.  Our staff can work with you to flesh out your project or possibly connect you with others who can.

Song Placement

As a songwriter you may have songs you are proud of but are not a style you want to include on your own albums.  We can help place your songs with other artists in need of material.  Similarly if you need additional tracks for your own project we may have songs we can provide that would satisfy your needs.

Peer Reviews

To use an analogy, a painter cannot tell another painter what to paint or how to paint it.  But they can provide feedback on use of color, shapes and light. Straw Hat Studios has worked with varied artists and are familiar with various genres. We offer our feedback on your material via our peer review service.