Mixing and Mastering‚Äč

Additional and Replacement Tracks

Suppose you have a programmed drum track you would like to replace with a live drummer.  Or need a keyboard, harmony vocal, bass or guitar track added to your recording.  You can send us your rough (or completed) mixes, charts and instructions and we will use our studio musicians to record the requested track.  We will then provide these to you in WAV file format for you to add to your existing tracks.  We can even provide varied takes to give you more material to cut and paste into your final mix.

Demo Recordings

Songwriters and Solo Performers may have limited resources for completing a full production recording of their material for demo (or release) purposes.  Why not let our studio musicians record the track for you?  We can provide the raw WAV files for you to mix with your own performance or even provide a completed recording fully mixed and mastered.

In Your Studio

Depending on your location Straw Hat Studios may be able to send our studio musicians to your studio to record live with you or if not perhaps connect you with the musicians you need through our network of clients, partners and contacts.

Contact us for more information on this service.

For years artists have begun recordings in one studio and moved them to another to work with other musicians to complete them.  Today's technology makes doing so easier than ever.  From additional tracks and track replacements to full demo recordings Straw Hat Studios can provide studio musicians to complete your project.

Studio Musicians